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What is less clear is that there are fin rays out on the end of the fins. The mouth is strongly oblique; there are no ventral fins — Wrymouth , p. Stiassny, among others. Refer to Blenny fishes , key, p. What is a shark? Photographs should be taken of side views of the entire animal and the undersides of the heads for normally shaped sharks and chimaeras; photograph the upper and lower surfaces of angel sharks and rays.
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Freshwater Fish ID Guide

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SCDNR - Fishing Information

Cartilaginous fishes collect urea and other metabolic waste products in the blood and body fluids for osmotic balance, and have a specialized rectal gland for removal of excess salt in their body fluids. Senses and brain Viscera, buoyancy, swimming, and respiration Reproduction Behaviour Size, age and growth Ecology. Eyes: Used for sight, fish can detect colors and see short distance with their eyes. In addition to the pelvic claspers, male chimaeras have an unpaired clasper frontal tentaculum on the forehead and paired claspers prepelvic tentaculum in front of the pelvic fins, all of which have hooklike dermal denticles to help the male hold the female during copulation. The upper jaws are greatly prolonged in the swordfishes and billfishes ; the significance of this feature is rather uncertain.
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Fish - Anatomy

Trout, salmon and catfish have an adipose fin. Fish , any of approximately 34, species of vertebrate animals phylum Chordata found in the fresh and salt waters of the world. The term shark is also used loosely for members of many fossil elasmobranch groups that are not members of the Neoselachii but have a sharklike form. The ventrals are situated behind the gill openings and are of ordinary form — refer to Eelpout family , key, p. Hearing: Fish have ears but not external ear openings like humans do.
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First lower few rays of the pectoral fins are not separate from the remainder of the fin; the mouth is very large — refer to Sculpin family , key, p. G Gill arch Bony or cartilaginous structure supporting the gills. Key E Bony fishes of ordinary form, with 2 or 3 well-developed dorsal fins and with the anal fin and the rearmost dorsal separated from the caudal fin. The river stingrays Family Potamotrygonidae are confined to freshwater river systems in tropical South America. Anterior Towards the head or front. Next post are crossdressers gay
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